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just cutts butchers is owned by teresa cutts. teresa started a butchers shop in rainham 19 years ago with her then husband, the original butchers was called morecuts. now the moore has gone and we are left with just cutts!

just cutts is a team of dedicated and highly experienced butchers. just cutts staff are all long term and have been working in the shop for many years. you can read all about them here.

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just cutts | what we aim to provide what we aim to provide

traditional butchers with a contemporary twist. just cutts aim is to sell top quality meat from local farmers and producers at fair and reasonable prices. experienced butchers are on hand for advice on all your meat questions, or just a chat... all butchers love a chat...

you can read more about our products here.

contact us regarding a meat related question here.

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just cutts | where we are located where we are located

just cutts butchers are located within rainham shopping centre (kent) just opposite the tesco store. we open from 7am to 5pm monday to saturday. just cutts is a wheelchair friendly shop.

visit our contact page for our full address and contact details. rainham shopping centre (kent)

just cutts - traditional butchers with a contemporary twist